Introducing 4-L Ministries

4-L Ministries is the name under which Leroy Seat, Ph.D., conducts his public activities. After serving for thirty-eight years as a Baptist missionary in Japan, Leroy and June Seat returned to the United States and now live in Liberty, MO. They can be contacted in the following ways: mailing address: 1307 Canterbury Lane, Liberty, MO 64068; telephone: 816-841-9586; e-mail: and

The 4-L name comes from Life, Love, Light, and Liberty, the four words Dr. Seat emphasized when he was chancellor of Seinan Gakuin from 1996-2004.

As a part of his ministry, in July 2009 Dr. Seat began a blog with the name "The View from This Seat." It can be accessed by using the following URL address:

The 4-L Ministries include Dr. Seat's teaching, speaking, writing, and supporting activities. Page three will give more information about these ministries in general and page four tells about his books "Fed Up with Fundamentalism" (2007) and "The Limits of Liberalism" (2010).

A major aspect of the supporting ministry is connected with the Seinan Gakuin 4-L Foundation, introduced below and on page two.

Seinan Gakuin 4-L Foundation

The Seinan Gakuin 4-L Foundation was established in 2004 to support Seinan Gakuin, a Christian school complex in Fukuoka City, Japan.

Specifically, the 4-L Foundation seeks to help Seinan Gakuin fulfill its mission through supporting and enhancing the presence and witness of Christian teachers and other Christian workers at Seinan Gakuin.

The following page will give more detailed information about the Seinan Gakuin 4-L Foundation.